Drawn to the camaraderie within the DIY communities of Southern California, Fredd began collaborating with artists and musicians.

Playing drums at 15 years old helped create a sensitivity to arrangement, rhythm, and pace, helping shape a performance while refining the critical moments in the music.

After extensive cycles of writing, recording, and touring as a musician, Fredd became increasingly interested in the recording process, helping friends arrange songs and record demos. At that time, the recording process involved a couple of knock off brand microphones, a 2010 Macbook, a beat-up M-audio Fast Track Pro, and a really old version of Pro Tools.

The experience solidified life long friendships and helped build upon an ever-growing network of passionate performers and organizers in the area.

Since moving to Chicago in 2016, Fredd has worked as a freelance engineer, working in a slew of productions including SoFar Sounds, Audiotree, Electrical Audio, and other A/V productions.

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